We at GGL believe that HEALTH, SAFETY & ENVIRONMENT are inherent part of a business. Hence, the company is making its best efforts to provide a safe and accident free environment for its customers & society. Apart from providing an environment friendly fuel to the customers, the Company uses best international practices in laying its infrastructure. The Company makes its best efforts to educate the customers to handle the fuel.
The Company makes a systematic approach to promote Health, Safety & Environment in and around. The Company follows Safety Management System as HSE Policy, work permit system, personal protection, Fire & Safety Education and training, Accident reporting, investigation, Safety Audit and emergency preparedness etc.
Safety of our Customers is of prime concern to us for which we follow specific system approach.


  1. Safe Refilling instructions followed for all CNG Vehicles at CNG Station.
  2. Safety symbols & cautionary instructions displayed all around.
  3. Safety films screened at CNG Stations frequently to educate consumers.
  4. Safety leaflets / Stickers developed for awareness on specific occasions.
  5. Free Compliance Plate given to all public transport fleet running on CNG through transport deptt.


  1. Safety clinics conducted for customers.
  2. Safety symbols & cautionary instructions displayed all around.
  3. Safety leaflets / Stickers developed and distributed.

In case of a pipeline emergency

Gas pipeline leaks or other problems are rare. But the possibility still exists, whether by human error or as a result of a natural disaster, so GGL is prepared. We designed the pipeline system with valves that will shut off the flow of natural gas (automatically or by remote activation) upstream and downstream from a leak or potential problem.
We have also developed emergency preparedness plans for a coordinated plan of action in case of emergency.
Learn to recognize signs of trouble. You may be able to detect a gas leak from a pipeline by sight, smell or sound.

Sight You may be able to see vapour in the air.
Smell As a safety feature, mercaptan is added to gas to give it a distinctive rotten egg smell, so it’s easily detected.
Sound You may be able to hear the hissing sound of gas leaking.

If there are signs of gas dissipating into the air:


  1. Turn off machinery and eliminate all sources of ignition.
  2. Shut off vehicle engines.
  3. Evacuate the area, including buildings. Move people upwind if possible.
  4. Prevent vehicles and bystanders from entering the area.
  5. Call the fire department if there is a danger of fire.
  6. Avoid contact with any natural gas escaping from the pipeline.
  7. Warn people in nearby buildings, as gas might enter through drains if the break or leak is underground.


  1. Turn electrical switches on or off.
  2. Operate any machinery, including vehicles.
  3. Attempt to make temporary repairs or operate any underground gas valves.

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