GGL is committed to promote highest levels of Safety, Health, Environment and Loss Control in the areas of its business of natural Gas transmission, Compression and distribution and refueling etc., with clear emphasis on improving the environment for Sustainable Development. The safety and occupational health of its employees and external stakeholders are of paramount importance and all these attributes are embedded within the core organizational values of the organization. GGL provides appropriate levels of training to employees to ensure that they can fulfil HSE responsibilities.

Regarding HSE objectives, GGL accords highest priority to:

  • Establish and implement a HSE management system and communicate policy to all employees and external stakeholders.
  • Design, construct, operate and maintain its facilities as per the best practices available to ensure safety of all stakeholders, mother stations, projects, and other associated systems and surroundings.
  • Promote eco-friendly activities.
  • Comply with all statutory rules and regulations on safety, occupational health, environment, loss control and go beyond in setting internal targets.
  • Delegate power to all level employees to implement company’s HSE policy.
  • Set tangible and measurable targets for monitoring the performance on HSE.
  • Provide structured training to all employees for HSE best practices.
  • Continuously review the policy’s relevance with respect to business development and for continual improvement of HSE management system.

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