Why Registration ?

1.   Why Registration ?

Green Gas Limited (Joint Venture of GAIL (India) Ltd. & Indian Oil Corporation Limited) intends to register vendors in order to develop a comprehensive data base of vendors for procurement of quality Goods /Consultancy Services/Works including Works Contracts, Annual Maintenance/Rate Contracts leading to value for money.

The registration process is an online process, where in vendors are required to fill requisite fields and submit the application. Selective documents are required to be submitted at this stage.

2.   Who can register?

2.1 Companies/Firms/Agencies/ Cooperatives/Institutes etc. currently incorporated or established / registered as per relevant laws.

2.2 Sole proprietors/Independent Contractors/Consultants (Persons engaged in a business as either a “Self employed Individual” or as a “Sole Proprietor” or who is the only owner of the unincorporated trade or business).

2.3 Companies/Firms currently doing business with Green Gas Limited, are also required to register quoting their order nos. etc.

2.4 Green Gas Limited, prefers to procure products which are energy efficient and conforming to National (BIS) / Indian and / or International standards.

2.5 Green Gas Limited, prefers to do business with companies having proven performance track record, Technical and Financial soundness, established quality systems & standards( ISO:9000); Safety systems & standards( OSHA :18000); Environmental Management systems and standards (ISO:14000); adhering to Ethical (Moral & Social) values, Corporate Governance and Social Responsibility, compliance to all statutory regulations and requirements.

3.   Benefits to vendors :

By registering with Green gas Limited, vendors will:

a) Get email alerts regarding NIT’s (Notice Inviting Tenders)/Corrigendum in the preferred category / sub-category and region.

b) Be able to down load soft copies of tender document from GGL’s web site.

c) Be able to update time related data.

d) Get e-mail alert for advertisement regarding empanelment and other issues.

4.   However, for participating in the tendering vendors need not be registered to be eligible to participate in the tender.

4.1  For downloading the tenders, Vendor code, User Id and password are required to be issued to the vendors. These are issued only after verification of the relevant documents. As the process may take some time, vendors desirous of participating in particular tender are advised to register online at . Thereafter, they must complete registration process through this online facility.

5.   How to Register

5.1  Vendors desirous of registering with Green Gas Limited, are required to submit the details online as per online registration format. The registration is free of cost.

5.2  Upon successful registration, vendors will be given unique computer generated registration number/acknowledgement which should be quoted for all correspondences with Green Gas Limited, till Vendor code is issued.

6.   Categories/ sub categories for Registration:

Vendors can register for one or more number of categories/ sub categories. To know the categories/sub categories open for registration, please refer to categories /subcategories on the home page.

7.   Regions :

Various installations of Green Gas Limited shall be in the city of Lucknow and / or Agra

8.   Successful registration is no guarantee of any future award or work or inclusion on particular tender list.

9.   Vendors are advised to read the Instructions & General Eligibility Guidelines and Terms & conditions before proceeding for registration.

10.    This process of registration is for the purpose of developing database of vendors for various supply of Goods/Equipment/Consultancy Services/ Works & Contracts and this does not amount to empanelment for the purpose of limited tendering.

The separate process shall be initiated for empanelment and vendors on this database shall get information for submission of necessary documents for empanelment.

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