GREEN GAS LIMITED normally considers the following interalia while reviewing a vendor for business.

1. The Vendor must be Companies/Firms/Agencies/ Cooperatives/Institutes etc. currently incorporated or established / registered as per relevant laws.

2. The vendor must have experience of supplying similar Goods/Consultancy Services/ Works during the previous 2 years.

3. If the vendor is a Manufacturer/Fabricator, he should have adequate Manufacturing/ Testing/ Quality Assurance facilities as per applicable codes and standards certified by any accredited agency.

4. The vendor must not have incurred loss in the latest financial year and should have positive Net Worth as per the latest Audited Financial statement.

5. The Return on Equity Capital should be positive as per the latest audited financial statement.

6. Should have adequate working capital as per latest Audited Balance Sheet. If the working capital is inadequate, the vendor should be able to supplement with a bank, having Net worth not less than Rs 100 crores.

7. Must Comply with statutory regulations/requirements like PF registration, ESIC, Sales Tax/VAT, PAN/TIN Registration etc.

8. The vendor must not be on Holiday/Blacklist by GGL, CGD Companies, Govt. agencies or any Public Sector under taking as on the date of application.


Documentary proof should be submitted whenever called for which may include: Notarised copies of Registration of Firm/Partnership deed/Memorandum & Articles of Association or Bye-Laws, Audited copies of Balance sheet, Copies of Purchase order/Work order, Completion certificate, client’s report, License / Certificate from statutory authorities like PF/ESIC/Sales Tax/ VAT/ PAN/ TAN, certificate from competent third party agencies of International repute authorized/ approved by GGL/GAIL/IOCL.

After completion of registration open your email id and follow the steps mentioned in the mail otherwise your account will not be verified.


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